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บาคาร่าออนไลน์ A good window cleaner

Magnetic force

The Samarium magnetic disc has two sides, and when the glass brush is inserted into the fan, it is attracted to each other, and the materials placed on the stick together and fall motionless. However, poor fingers are prone to injury due to the strength of the magnet, so be careful.

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Suitable for 10-18 mm screens

Just a 10-18 mm glass cleaner. If the glass is doubled, the total thickness of the mirrors (2 mirrors + space) should not exceed 18 mm. Otherwise, the mirror may fall out of the window. If you do not know the thickness of the mirror in your house, measure the thickness first before you decide to buy in case you make a mistake.

Product quality

As soon as we confirm that all the parts are available, we will start selling them. Please understand our products completely (magnetism, quality, clear glass thickness, manufacturing methods, features, etc.) before placing an order. If you have any questions or problems using the product, please contact us to help resolve the problem. Smart Window Rengøring Erhverv  : cleaning and drying. Itch Win 4.0: Determine the best route, fix the window and clean all the floors.

Maximum absorption and strength:

Handy air switch for attaching the robot to glass. There is also a remote control to control the robot arm.

Clean all types of surfaces, including glass, tiles, smooth floors, interior and exterior windows. 4 automatic washers that can wash the window anywhere.

There are three levels of security. There are three continuous skin safety systems, a skin protection system and a heavy safety belt to protect the skin.

Automatic shutdown mode: Show and stop after cleaning. Environmentally friendly: The best reusable microfiber cloth. A quick saving brush for small corners. character

Inside, the two sides of the circle are connected, so that the movement of one can be opposite or not. Control your finger or drag your finger.

Inside, the two sides of the circle are connected, so that the movement of one can be opposite or not. Control your finger or drag your finger.

The easy conversion is suitable for 3-8mm lenses.

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