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Autopsy of ex-NFL player Phillip Adams, accused of killing six people, shows ‘unusually severe’ CTE

Ex-NFL player Phillip Adams

Rock Hill, S.C. — According to officials, an autopsy of ex NFL player suspected of murdering 6 people in Rock Hill, South Carolina, prior taking his own life in April found exceptionally serious brain illness in the prefrontal cortex.

Dr. Ann McKee, who examined Phillip Adams’ brain, concluded that perhaps the 20 years he devoted playing football “certainly… gave birth” to a Stage 2 chronic traumatic encephalopathy diagnosis.

Experts contend that on April 7, Adams murdered 2 of the Lesslie family’s grandkids, ages 9-year-old Adah & 5-year-old Noah, as well as two 38-year-old HVAC technicians who were employed at the Lesslie residence, James Lewis & Robert Shook. Adams was subsequently discovered by police with just a self-inflicted head injury.

CTE, a degenerative condition associated with brain injuries & traumas, has been connected to a variety of signs, including memory problems as well as irrational mood swings.

“There were signs showing that he was beginning to exhibit significant behavioural & cognitive problems, according to McKee. “He didn’t snap, in my opinion. It seemed to be a gradual cumulative deterioration. He was becoming more & more irrational, had memory problems that were growing worse, & was probably acting impulsively more frequently. I don’t believe this was completely out of the blue, even if it was possibly not seen.

According to McKee, who oversees the CTE Center at Boston University, the majority of the 24 NFL players well with condition who passed away in their 20s & 30s had Stage 2 symptoms, including Adams. There are 4 phases to the illness, having stage 4 which is the most serious & often accompanied with dementia.

According to McKee, the 2nd stage is characterised by progressively worsening cognitive & behavioural problems, including memory loss, impaired executive function, impatience, anger, melancholy, & paranoia.

Adams’ CTE diagnosis stood out from those of the fellow young athletes, she noted, since it was “abnormally severe” including both frontal lobes.

McKee linked Adams’ brain to the brains of Aaron Hernandez, a collegiate football star who hung himself in jail at the age of 27 after incarcerated for life for a killing in 2013, as well as who was also posthumously confirmed with CTE.

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The Lesslie family expressed gratitude for the diagnosis.

According to the family’s response, Despite the face of overwhelming loss, we are taking some solace in the CTE findings as well as the reason they give for the inexplicable actions related to this catastrophe.

The Adams family claimed that while they weren’t really startled when they discovered the illness, they were taken aback to discover how bad it was.

According to their declaration, “after reviewing his health records from his time playing football, we do understand he was urgently looking for help out from NFL but had been denied all assertions because he was unable to remembering events as well as to manage apparently simple tasks, including such travelling hours to perceive doctors & undergoing extensive assessments.

Adams’ representative previously disclosed to The Associated Press that Adams did not take advantage of the variety of physical & psychological health programs which the NFL & its players’ union make accessible to former players.

Requests for response from the football & Adams’ representative were not instantly fulfilled.

CTE has already been discovered in ex military personnel, footballers, fighters, as well as other athletes who have had recurrent brain trauma. CTE must only be identified via an autopsy. A recent research examined the brains of 111 NFL players and discovered symptoms in 110 of them.

Adams, 32, participated in 78 NFL games over 6 seasons for 6 different clubs. He was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers inside the 7th round out of South Carolina State in 2010. Despite playing little, he subsequently played for the New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, as well as the New York Jets until concluding his tenure only with Atlanta Falcons in 2015.

Adams had a serious ankle problem as a rookie and was not able to return to the 49ers’ lineup. Later, during his 3 matches well with Raiders in 2012, he suffered 2 concussions. He could not have been qualified for checking as part of a large establishment between the league as well as ex players over chronic concussion-related injury issues had he not retired by 2014.

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According to the Adams family’s statements to detectives, he reported of terrible pain surrounding his wounds, had cognitive issues, & had trouble falling asleep, said York County Coroner Sabrina Gast during a press conference on Tuesday.

Just after deaths, Adams’ sister told USA Today that the brother’s “psychological health declined rapidly & tragically terrible” as well as the family had seen “highly worrying” indicators of mental disorder, such as a rising rage and a disregard for personal cleanliness.

Adams had quite prescriptions for amphetamines, according to Gast, as well as pathologists reportedly discovered the illegal substance kratom in Adams’ system at the time of suicide.

As per affidavits, detectives subsequently discovered amongst Adams’ possessions several firearms, ammo, including “several notebooks… contain cryptic writing with various patterns & symbols.”

Sheriff of York County Kevin Tolson predicted that after reviewing the “incoherent” letter, police will end their inquiry. He did stress that Adams’ CTE diagnosis & many other discoveries to date may not offer a convincing explanation for Adams’ claimed violent conduct, however.

Tolson observed, “Sometimes we’re able to know the why, occasionally we don’t.” “There was only one person who knew the reason, & he passed away. We might not even understand the why throughout this life or on this world.


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