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Boost WiFi Speed of Rockspace AC750 Extender Using These Tips

Hundreds of users across the globe perform Rockspace AC750 extender setup to get high-speed internet access everywhere in their house. But, even after performing Rockspace AC750 extender setup, users aren’t satisfied with the internet range they are getting. If you are also among those, then in this article we have mentioned some of the most important tips that will help you boost WiFi speed of your Rockspace wifi extender in a flash. Thus, without further ado, let’s start over!

Rockspace AC750 Extender

Perk Up WiFi Speed

Tip 1

Place Your AC750 and Router Closer

To make the most out of your WiFi speed, it is recommended to place your Rockspace wireless extender and router closer to each other. Bear in mind – too much distance between your devices can create WiFi signal interferences.

Besides, it is suggested to place your Rockspace wifi extender and router at the center-most and higher area in your home, but not inside a cabinet, or closer to windows and doors.

Doing so will surely help you to perk up the WiFi speed of your Rockspace wireless repeater up to 20 percent.

Want more? Still not satisfied with the current WiFi speed you are getting from your Rockspace AC750 extender? Fine! Scroll down a little for next tip!

Tip 2

Update Rockspace AC750 Extender Firmware

Updating Rockspace 750ac firmware has helped millions of users to make the most of their device (extender) and it’s WiFi. So, if you want the same thing to happen with you, keep updating the firmware of your Rockspace extender whenever available.

To update Rockspace AC750 extender firmware, just go to re.rockspace.local website using the correct Rockspace login details and go through and apply the given instructions.

Tip 3

Check the Connectivity

To boost up the WiFi speed of your Rockspace AC750 extender, it is essential to make a solid and secure connection between it (extender) and your existing router. For this, you can make use of a wireless or an Ethernet source.

Tip 4

Disconnect Unknown Devices

Your Rockspace AC750 extender’s WiFi speed may hamper if unknown devices are connected to its SSID. Therefore, it is suggested to disconnect the devices that are unknown to you, and change the existing Rockspace login password right away.

Apart from this, if you don’t want any of your known devices to get connected to your extender’s SSID, without thinking much, disconnect that as well.

Tip 5

Power Cycle Your Rockspace AC750 Extender

Last, but not least, make sure to power cycle or restart your Rockspace wireless range extender every week. Doing so will give your wireless range extender a rest and you a boosted WiFi speed like never before.

To restart or power cycle your Rockspace wireless extender:

  • Disconnect it from your existing router
  • Also, disconnect all your WiFi-enabled devices that are connected to Rockspace AC750 extender SSID
  • Once done, unplug Rockspace repeater and wait for a few minutes
  • After that, plug your Rockspace extender back in
  • Connect Rockspace AC750 repeater to your existing router and WiFi-enabled devices

Kudos! You are all set to enjoy the uninterrupted and boosted Rockspace AC750 extender’s WiFi speed from nook and cranny of your house. Apart from this, you will be glad to know that all the dead zones in your house have also been covered.

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To Conclude

Our article on how to boost WiFi Speed of Rockspace AC750 repeater ends here. After following them (tips), you will surely be proud of yourself of buying Rockspace AC750 repeater.

So, can we hope that this piece of writing helped you out in a bigger way to make the most out of your Rockspace AC750 extender and its WiFi connection? Read more– 

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