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Can Your Family Help Open Your Franchise Business

The mom-and-pop store is a well-known business model, and customers proudly displaying their family-owned company’s official status. A lot of these businesses have been growing and flourishing for many years. Some, however it’s not much. much.There remain a lot of myths surrounding working with families. Many people are unable to imagine how to collaborate with your family members without getting in a fight , or even worse. They’ve also been through terrible experiences with family-owned business models that failed. However, I’ve learned from personal experiences that working with families is rewarding, encouraging the growth of your company and preparing you for success in the future. If you’re doing it right it will be. Here are some of my suggestions on how to get it done.


There’s no guarantee to be a good family member I believe that the objective should be to maintain an intimate relationship even when things don’t go according to plan. It begins with an open and honest communication. Talk about your goals, making certain that that your short-term and long-term goals are aligned with one another. Set your expectations and have these in writing, exactly as you would with an contract of employment. Incorporate job description, payments and a specific date to review the relationship and determine whether you’d like to keep it. Make a plan for the event that you decide to end your relationship and ensure that the transition is amicable that takes place over an acceptable time. Do you think this is excessively formal to a family agreement? It’s not. One advantage of working with your family is that you already have a the trust of those you love. However, that trust relationship can be a source of confusion for personal and professional. It isn’t always easy to discuss concerns in a professional way. Writing it down establishes the foundation of professional trust between the two of you. If you just go with the flow without expectations, it’s likely become a bit stale.


Do not hire family members just to make you feel comfortable. Instead, you should hire them to ensure mutual benefit. Everyone brings their own set of abilities and character characteristics that they bring to the table. You must appreciate your family’s contributions , and treat them as the experts they are. The wife of my Jeanette and I have worked together for a long time. She’s now the CFO at Tint World, and the professional aspect of our relationship is a result of us defining our roles. We’ve aligned our activities to our skills and our passions and really enjoy being in the same lane. We don’t instruct each other on how to perform our tasks. It’s a mutual respect relationship that is based on mutual appreciation of each other’s abilities. We recognize the value of the talents of others, which makes it easier to maintain a healthy working relationship. Another way to appreciate your family’s business associates is to give them the price they are worth. If you’re thinking of the family members of your relatives as laborers who are cheap is a mistake. When you first start as you grow the size of your company, it could be more convenient to collaborate with family members based on the idea they’re paid less but your family members are looking to be paid just like any other employee. If you’re just starting out and you’re planning to expand, think about growing with your family.


I know many who have their own business idea or franchise business with the intention of passing it down onto their own children. My two children have worked at Tint World headquarters, and when they were younger, if one of them demonstrated the motivation and the ability to assume my role, I’d aid them in that transition. However, that’s not all the future family business to be able to count on, as there are many possibilities. Your child should desire to run your company, “get” your business and be able to managing your business effectively. Planning for success is crucial but you must allow to consider a variety of options. Create a succession plan that is able to change depending on the circumstances. Always create your business with the mindset that it’s time to sell. Make sure you have two or three options in place to ensure your kids aren’t the only way to go.


There’s plenty to profit from starting a partnership with your spouse or family members. However, there’s a lot you can be lost if you make wrong. If you’re thinking of starting the family-owned business, be certain to prioritize family. If you don’t do this, you’ll be a threat to more than your financials. With a lot of respect and communication as well as clear expectations Your family and you can create something amazing together. Begin strong, be smart and never forget what is important.

Charles Bonfiglio is president and the CEO at Tint World, a provider of residential, automobile commercial, marine and residential window tinting, as well as security films. Through Automotive Styling Centers in the U.S. and abroad, each franchise is home to around 20 profit centers that range from accessory installation in the store to offsite sales and installations.

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