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How to Choose A Great Tech Support Company

Small and medium-sized businesses use the same technology as large companies. Small and medium-sized businesses need to be more responsive and use technology to compete in local markets or against larger competitors. Unfortunately, maintaining an adequate level of technical support can be very difficult for small companies because they do not have the resources to handle the tasks.

Does your company need IT support? Here are some key points:

  • Do you plan to back up systems and data?
  • Do you keep track of important tasks like backups?
  • Will your company increase sales or customers in the next one to three years?
  • Will you be adding staff in the future? Do they need a computer, laptop, printer or other device?
  • Need to use mobile technology or remote connections for business while traveling?
  • Are new technologies like tablets, mobile apps or cloud storage helping your business productivity?
  • Do your employees need ongoing support with tools or software?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to consider an IT partner to steer your business in the right direction. There are many IT companies to choose from. How to choose the best technology partner for your business?

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  • Consider current and future needs –

 Will your site increase usage? Are you installing new accounting software? Do you expect your salespeople to access systems remotely? Make a list of what you know and what you expect from technology.

  • Count the problems –

 What IT-related problems have you faced in the past year? Are you currently experiencing network or system issues? Any outages or data loss? Are you concerned about security? See these questions for your technical support partners.

  • Check for Certification – 

Your technology assistant should be certified in the areas your business needs. If you use Microsoft products, your technical support partner must have the appropriate Microsoft certification. This applies to network devices, databases and software applications.

  • Communication – 

Your technical assistant should be easy to work with and easy to communicate with.

  • Review Service –

 As part of your service level agreement (SLA), your technical support provider should describe how they can respond to your issues, plan to monitor and update your systems as needed. Do they provide daily backup or server maintenance? What information will be stored? Who do you call if you have a problem? How quickly do they resolve the issue?

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  • Privacy Coverage – 

Your technology support partner may have sensitive information, and they should have a privacy and security policy that restricts them from supporting your business other than supporting corporate information as part of this agreement. Your technical support partner handles your security and password policies and helps protect your business systems against viruses or hackers.

  • Research Reputation – 

Do your research and see if the tech support company can manage your business and be in the long run.

  • Validate expectations – 

Review the proposal and SLA to ensure it meets your organization’s needs. Check your payment options, including subscription services and contract terms.

Small and medium-sized businesses deserve IT providers that help them grow and stay competitive. With the right steps, your company can choose the right partner to meet your business needs.


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