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How to Installing front door Hardware | Better Homes & Gardens

Installing front door handles and locks is a quick and easy way to add a sense of containment to your home. Before you start, make sure your door has a standard prep hole for the knob/lever and latch combination.

This type of preparation means the doors Huddersfield has two sets of drilled and cross holes, one on top of the other, 5-1/2 inches from center to center. The two drilled holes should be 2-1/8 inches in diameter and the cross holes should be 1 inch in diameter.

Be careful when Installing front door any screws with a power drill. It can easily strip threads or damage hardware. Don’t over-tighten – you can always go back and tighten.

Once you’ve measured and prepared, you can install the new door handle and lock it. Follow our step-by-step instructions to get started.

How to Install Door Handles and Locks

Materials needed

  • Door handle/handle kit (we used Addison handles from Schlage)
  • Deadbolt Kit (if not included)
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • utility knife, if needed
  • Use a 1″ chisel if desired
  • Electric drill (or Philips screwdriver with long shaft)
  • Countersink bit (if using a drill bit)
  • Flat head screwdriver, optional
  • hammer
  • block of wood

step-by-step directions Installing front door

Follow our instructions to install front doors Huddersfield handles and locks for the fresh look you love and enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Step 1: Install Latch

Decide whether you want to use a flat rectangular panel or a round push-in panel. (Many kits come with both options.) If you want to use a flat panel, but the door edge is not indented to fit it over a cross hole, trace the panel outline with a pencil and score the outline with a utility knife to make the wood not will shatter. Use a 1″ chisel to chisel a rectangle 1/8″ deep (it must be flush with the door jamb), 1″ wide, 2-1/4″ high, centered on the cross hole.

Once you have an indent on the edge of the door, slide the latch into the cross hole with the bevel facing the door jamb and attach it to the groove with two short screws. If you prefer a smaller, round push-on panel, use a flat-blade screwdriver to remove the screws on the flat panel and support plate. Fit the round push-in panel over the latch and push down to secure.  Use a hammer with a block of wood between it and the latch to lightly hit it into place (until it’s flush with the edge of the door) without damaging the hardware.

Step 2: Installing front door the External Handle

If your new door handle attaches to the door somewhere below the lower drill hole (like ours), you may need to drill another hole to accommodate it. Align the spindle on the back of the handle with the slot in the latch and slide any mechanism up or down as needed to mount the handle to the door.

 Step 3: Install the Internal Handle

Align the inside handle or lever so that the screw holes are vertically aligned with the threaded posts on the back of the outside handle. If your inside handle is a lever, make sure the lever points away from the door jamb. Secure with screws. If your outside handle is attached to the door via a lower spindle (like ours), attach washers, screws and covers to secure and complete the spindle on the inside of the door.

Step 4: Installing front door  Deadbolt

If your lock needs one and your doors Huddersfield doesn’t already have one, repeat the steps above to create the panel indent. Install the latch bolt into the upper cross hole, making sure the top is facing up (usually indicated by an arrow on the latch bolt). Screw the panel in to secure. Install the latch mechanism inside and out, making sure the cylinder with the lock is on the outside of the door. The inside thumb turn should point upwards when unlocked and to the door jamb when locked.


Step 5: Installing front door 

Align the handle’s strike plate with the door jamb and secure with two small screws. Make sure the curved lip of the impingement plate is facing the direction the door opens.

Test the latch and latch to make sure both slide in and out smoothly. If the bolt won’t turn all the way, drill the bolt hole a bit until it’s done. Alternatively, you may need to adjust the position of the strike plate.


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