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How To Make Your Own Anmitsu

There is always room for dessert. Is this thought in all of our lives? Turns out the Japanese have it too. The concept was so familiar that they could even call it “betsubara”, which literally means different belly. This is used in Japanese to say that the candy goes to the other stomach of your body.

After that, I realized that Japan is a real treasure for candy lovers. While many Western-style desserts such as whipped cream or cheese soufflé have become popular, much of Japan’s dessert scene still thrives on traditional Japanese sweets.

These include mochi (rice cake), Dango (rice ball), teriyaki (fish-shaped flatbread filled with red beans), and others. Most of them are very stressful and require a lot of training to get right. But there is an incredibly easy way to prepare. But with a flavor that instantly brings you back to Japan – Anmitsu

What is Anmitsu?

Anmitsu is a sweet that dates back to the Meiji period. This classic anmitsu contains three main ingredients: Anko (red bean paste), agar-agar, and plenty of fruit. Arranged beautifully on a plate and served with a small pot of miso (black syrup) on the side.

There are many options: You can serve it with a scoop of ice cream. (so-called anmitsu cream) or unground red beans (so-called mitsumami).

Breaking Down Anmitsu

Step no. 1

Here are the components one by one ya budu ebat english lyrics. They are made from adzuki beans. Sometimes I add a little sugar, you can put it in a pre-made jar. Or boil and grind the azuki beans yourself. Most can be purchased at your local health food store or Asian grocery store. Anko is a key ingredient in many other Japanese sweets, so once you have it on hand, you’ll be ready for these sweet treats!

Step no. 2

Agar-agar is made from a gel-forming substance extracted from red algae. It has no taste or smell. But the jelly-like texture adds volume to a simple bowl of anmitsu. If preparing agar, add agar powder to water, bring it to a boil, and let it cook.

Step no. 3

This is possible without complicated molds – just pour into a shallow square bowl. After the gel has been set, flip the plate over and cut it into cubes of your choice. A knife such as a 9cm Damascus Knives set can help – the serrated surface of the blade will prevent the agar from sticking to the edges. Cleanses you.

Step no. 4

Finally, we come to the most interesting – fruit! Here you’re only limited by your imagination: bananas, kiwi, strawberries… the possibilities are endless, but it’s important to remember that presentation is key. So, a sharp knife will ensure a beautiful harvest of your fruit.

Step no. 5

To do this, we recommend the 8.5 cm Damascus Knives set, which retains its sharpness. For fruits that are difficult to handle, such as pineapple, a large knife like the Kasumi VG-10 PRO 12 cm Chef knife set will help you buy enough to cut through hard surfaces. Arrange the fruit pieces in the animated bowl as you like. And top with cherries


Your Anmitsu is ready to serve! Put your favorite ice cream in there. Then serve with black syrup. (or black syrup if you don’t have it) for garnish. Enjoy a taste of Japan!

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