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IMI Pakistan Emergency Flood Relief

People have lost EVERYTHING – Don’t let them lose HOPE.

Heavy rains at the end of July caused damage and fatalities in several areas of Pakistan by causing both flash floods and riverine flood. These floods impacted twenty million people or more.

Following these floods, the American people decided to assist Pakistan’s citizens by providing them with immediate relief and early recovery aid. 

IMI Pakistan Emergency Flood Relief is offering assistance to thousands of households, and beneficiaries, through interventions for immediate relief and early recovery.

We have volunteers and doctors on site, making sure our step-by-step plan of emergency flood relief and later long-term rehabilitation is carrying out smoothly and swiftly.

IMI step-by-step Emergency Flood Relief has three emergency flood relief steps and two long-term flood relief services that will ensure urgent emergency relief and our goal of rehabilitation. 

IMI emergency flood relief

Emergency Shelter

This support activity aims to give flood victims immediate access to the shelter by giving displaced people shelter kits (IDPs).

Through this support activity, thousands of households representing a large flood-affected population will be support. These shelter kits come with bamboo poles, rope, and canvas tarpaulin sheets.

Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Health (WASH) Services: 

Flood victims will have prompt access to potable water and a healthy environment thanks to this support activity. Thousands of households are the target of this campaign.

The following supplies will be made available to complete this support activity: hygiene kits, hand pumps that have been installed or repaired, jerry cans, and water purification devices.

A sizable group of local activists will be trained as part of this support activity to enhance the health and hygienic conditions in flood-affected areas. These projects can then start the project area’s hygiene campaign.

Non-Food Items: 

IMI Emergency Flood Relief provides quilts, cotton mattresses, and pillows for flood-affected families so they can survive the winters. This is due to the extreme cold in the flood-affected areas. Thousands of flood victims are targeting through this initiative.  

Long-term IMI flood relief

Transitional Shelter:

In order to give the flood victims a more long-term solution to their housing issue, this shelter was includ in the IMI Pakistan Emergency Flood Relief.

The temporary shelter is made up of a single room, and it will have one window and two ventilators for ventilation, and its floor will be made of compact earth and wheat straw.

These shelters will provide services to thousands of people in total, serving thousands of households. The beneficiaries are building the shelters themselves with the help of mud work, mud plaster, doors, windows, ventilators, plastic sheets, girders, bamboo, and mate.

Agriculture Inputs and Animal Feed Supplements for Livestock: 

The IMI Pakistan Emergency Flood Relief will help flood-affected farmers regain their agriculturally based livelihoods for food security. The provision of agricultural inputs and supplemental feed for animals will be used to accomplish this.

Thousands of households will gain something from this support activity in total. DAP, urea, wheat seed, a cash grant for preparing the land, and an additional animal feed supplement are all part of the agriculture and food security package. 

To donate visit our website: www.imamiamedics.com or contact us at imi@imamiamedics.com for any queries or information.

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