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Pin Code / Postal Code?

The term Postal Index Number (PIN) is referred to as Pin Code/Postal Code in India. This postal code is a code inside the device’s publish office huge variety that is used to segregate mail in India Post. Pin code is of six digits. The postal cope with coding gadget changed into added via Shri Ram Bhikaji within the year 1972. He turned into the then Additional Secretary within the Union Ministry of Communications.

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What is PIN (Postal Index Number)?

Pin code stands for Postal Index Number Code. The reason of introducing the pin code device inside the u.S.A. Changed into to assist the postal department to manually type and deliver mail to the satisfactory cope with. It moreover enables in clearing confusion over similar area names, specific languages ​​and wrong addresses utilized by human beings.

Composition Of Pin Code / Postal Code

Pin code is a six digit lengthy code utilized by the Indian Postal Department. Each digit in the PIN code has a selected this means that. The first digit represents the area in India. The 2nd digit is the sub-area, at the same time because the 0.33 digit is the sorting district. The final three digits represent the appropriate put up place of job within the district.

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There are nine pin areas in India, 8 of which pertain to geographic areas, while the variety 9 is used for the Army Postal Service.

Provider path

In the sorting district, the fourth digit shows the route on which a distribution place of business is placed. For workplaces in the principal vicinity of ​​the sorting district, this price is 0.

Distribution Workplace

The final two digits beginning from 01 suggest the transport workplace in the sorting district so as to be the Head Office (HO) and the General Post Office (GPO). Distribution places of work are numbered chronologically, with extra amount allocated to new distribution offices. A new shipping place of business is created and the following to be had PIN is assigned if the extent of mail to be handled in the shipping workplace turns into too huge. Thus,  distribution places of work positioned subsequent to every one-of-a-kind may have the primary four commonplace digits.

About Indian Postal System

The Postal Department of India is run by manner of the Government of India. This postal system is known as the Post Office of India which comes under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. India is break up into 22 postal circles and each postal circle is managed via the Chief Postmaster General.

In addition, every of those postal divisions is split into areas so that you can be supervised through a postmaster popular, and the regions may be similarly divided into divisions, if you want to be similarly subdivided into sub-divisions.

For some years now, India’s postal branch has witnessed rapid transformation and has emerged due to the fact the fastest provider employer in the u . S .. It penetrates into the most distant places of the united states and enables humans to ship mail at very low cost. Apart from postal services, India Post has installation itself as one of the smaller economic establishments inside the united states, assisting citizens to shop their cash securely.

Postal Offerings In India

There are greater than 1,55,000 branches in specific states of India. It has 89% insurance in rural regions. The Indian Postal Department is engaged in acting an crucial characteristic in rural areas as they act as a bridge between one town or village to some other. Apart from postal offerings, they also provide various banking centers to the rural populace as some rural areas despite the fact that lag behind in getting proper banking facilities.

The u.S.’s modern postal company is about a hundred fifty years antique, and India emerge as the primary united states of america to supply stamps in 1854. After some time, postal services had been sold beneath centralized management. Given under is the listing of postal offerings provided under India Post:

mail offerings

allied postal offerings

financial Services

types of postal services

Following are the unique varieties of postal offerings in India:

mail services

India Post gives postal centers and helps Indian citizens in sending mail from one region to each different. This facility includes insuring mail, sending mail and registering mail as safety proof.

Allied Postal Offerings

The Postal Department of India has the subsequent affiliated postal offerings:


Aadhar Card: India Post affords Aadhar Card to the citizens of India. Training is supplied to the employees of the Department of Posts to verify the records furnished by using the Aadhaar candidates. Once the candidates info are demonstrated, the biometric info are captured which includes fingerprint scanning and iris test. The data collected in conjunction with the software program shape will be transmitted to UIDAI, so that it will trouble Aadhaar playing playing cards to individuals.

Passport facilities: Indian citizens can avail their passports as India Post has collaborated with the Ministry of External Affairs. Indian citizens who’re inclined to apply for a passport can fill the passport form and positioned up them to the nearest put up workplaces for further processing.

International Money Transfer: People ca get hold of remittances in India from different nations as India Post has collaborated with Western Union Banks.

Direct Post: Both Addressed and Unaddressed Direct Post may be used for direct marketing.

E-Bill Post: Department of PostsPeople pays their software bills with the assist of e-bill postal offerings supplied with the aid of

Media Post: Most of the companies advocate their products through media post using envelopes, postcards and extra.

Speed ​​Post: Through speed post offerings human beings can deliver mail to others in plenty much less time in assessment to normal post.

Greeting placed up: Greeting put up is sent to cherished ones on unique activities like anniversary or birthday.

Monetary Services

The Postal Department of India offers numerous economic services to most people such as Public Provident Fund (PPF), Kisan Vikas Patra (KSV), National Savings Certificate (NSC), and so forth. In addition, it additionally offers numerous conventional plans that perform in addition. Works for Indian banking establishments like cash order facility, consistent deposit account and so forth. The largest distinction between the ones  is the interest rate. Fixed deposit facility of Indian post offices gives better rate of interest than the constant deposits offered via using banks

Frequently Asked Questions On Pin Codes

What is a six digit pin code?

The six digit pin code shows regions which includes vicinity, sub-region, state and district.

How do I find my pin code?

You can discover your PIN code at https://www.Indiapost.Gov.In/.

How do you write pin code?

The second digit is the sub-vicinity, whilst the zero.33 digit is the sorting district. The final 3 digits constitute the precise post administrative center within the district.


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