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Set up a schedule for posting and stick to it

Repeated postings on your Facebook page aren’t likely to increase the number of likes on your Facebook page unless the page is focused on gossip or memes about famous people.

Users’ engagement automatically rises on your site when you begin posting on an ongoing basis.

A study has revealed that websites that post just 2-3 times per day get the highest engagement from users than pages that post more than three times per day.

Add a Facebook Like Box to your blog.

The most effective way to increase more Facebook likes for your page is to include a Like Box on your blog click here.

Utilize the Page plugin that lets you effortlessly embed, promote and embed the Facebook Page on your site.

It also shows feeds for your page as well as the faces of those who have liked your Facebook page.

Begin to impress your viewers with like Box Pop-Up

Utilize the Like Box Pop-Up to boost Facebook page views when you want your fans to like your page before they even read your blog post.

A Facebook Promoter Light Box is a great free plugin to include a Like Box Pop-Up to your blog.

But, a premium plugin called Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress is available for you to utilize to increase the number of Facebook page fan page’s popularity.

The plugin locks out functions on your page behind the popup. The user can only access the page if the page is liked him.

Utilize Facebook Traffic Pop as a WordPress plugin only if you’ve got quality content. It is unlikely that a user will wait until you’ve published an excellent article on your site.

Invite your friends to join as admins invite friends

Don’t be worried if you’ve got an intimate circle of 500 people.

You can create more administrators with more friends than you have in their circle to gain more Likes on Facebook pages.

Go to the page settings, click on page roles, then add the friend’s name or email address in “Assign a new Page role” whom you would like to become the admin of your Facebook page.

Tweet the latest images and news

People are more attracted to fashionable news and pictures.

If your page has a lot of viral images and news, there is a good chance that more people will visit your site.

The most popular reason individuals don’t like a brand’s page is that its content is boring.

Post stylish photos, memes, news, inspirational quotes, and news.

Inspirational Quotes don’t just get shares but also get likes. People are more motivated and confident and want their friends to be inspired and feel the same way.

Posts that are shorter receive 23% more engagement than posts that are longer

Writing short posts is not just applicable on Twitter, but it is also helpful on Facebook.

Limiting your posts to 250 characters could increase the users’ engagement with your post as high as 60 percent.

You could even go one step further and increase engagement by 66% if you reduce the length of the post to under 75 characters.

This could be one of the reasons Facebook users are more fond of images than text.

Create a contest for fans only.

It’s among the best methods to boost Facebook page likes and followers like a blaze.

In actuality, 42% of people are satisfied with pages for brands that offer coupons and deals.

You could organize an event or giveaway for those who love your blog. You could offer a domain name for free hosting, discount coupons, or even premium blogging tools.

Create an announcement about this contest on your page on Facebook to get more people to join your page on Facebook.

Post the contest’s announcement across other social media platforms (social media channels, groups, emails, and blogs) to increase the contest’s popularity.

Boost Instagram Follwers

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