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Ukraine and Russia war reasons

Ukraine and Russia war reasons

In the year of February 10-22 of 1917, after four years of constant fighting between Poland and Germany in the Russo-Japanese War (1914–18), Russia took over Crimea from Ukraine by force. Later on, it became the third country to officially declare an armed rebellion against Russia. With this declaration the Russian government had a claim over the majority of Crimea’s land, therefore there was no other reason for them to use military force rather than diplomacy.

However, in the summer of 1916, with both countries approaching their territorial limits’, there was little time for diplomacy as they declared war, which led to the end of WW1. Although, two separate governments, one Democratic and another Republican, followed each other in declaring war, in October of 1914 the Ukrainian government backed down and announced peace with Russia while the Russo-Japanese War continued.

After some negotiations, which were signed in the fall of 1917, the Treaty Of Paris was reached that gave up most of Crimea’s land but left it under Russian control with international relations being controlled by the United States and the British Empire. Also, The Yalta Conference had been called to negotiate with Russia and agree about what to do with Ukraine, however, no progress was made with Russia as they refused the terms.

So, when Hitler ordered his army onto German soil, he sent reinforcements of his own to Ukraine to keep things going as well. As well, the American president Andrew Woodrow Wilson called for American troops to be brought into Europe to take on Russia. When all this happened, there was much debate about whether or not to fight Russia rather than negotiate with them instead. There is also the question of how a foreign policy should work out between these two nations once the Soviet Union went bankrupt.

However, because France refused Russian terms, America wanted to go into Europe at first to try and stop Hitler from taking away half their world, so they took advantage of the situation to get more soldiers in Europe instead of fighting Hitler directly. Eventually, Russia agreed to allow America to build up troops there and start its offensive against Japan in 1918. With Russia being able to send Americans into its side for propaganda purposes, American forces did the same with the British Forces during WWII, but again, Hitler would prove himself victorious despite having many Allied troops killed in action. Not only was Hitler able to defeat many allied troops in Britain by surprise, but with help from French and British troops to defeat Russian soldiers.

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It was clear that the two countries had to compromise. Therefore, Russia finally agreed to give American troops in Europe a boost in hopes that it would turn the tide back of Hitler’s army. Because of this, Germany began to lose its troops, and eventually, Hitler took over the whole continent. Once Hitler took over, America took what they could from Britain with very few troops left to fight their way through.

However, when the Nazi party gained power over Germany, they started using gas and mustard gas, which caused many deaths in Germany, and soon after WW2, Hitler had lost almost everything, except for the rest of Europe. The treaty that Germany had forced England to sign was known as Versailles, which means “Peace.” This would turn out to be short-lived. By the spring of 1918, Hitler had put the Allies under siege leaving only around 1/2 of all of England’s troops still standing.

Unfortunately, Hitler would also begin to take over other European nations, including France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. A lot of France’s land was given back to Germany, and then, they would push the English troops down the line towards France and Belgium, forcing them to surrender. They didn’t have enough men and women to fight the battles, but Germany still managed to defeat them in the trenches. However, the loss of their leaders left Germany devastated.

Many people came out and expressed their opinions which helped turn the tides back. All in all, thanks to Germany’s defeat in the Great War, America was able to gain its lands. Without Germany’s defeat, France, Belgium and Luxembourg would become even worse off than before the war. Finally, America realized it needed to pay back the Great War debt and agreed to pay $14.5 billion to the Allied allies, plus $7.2 billion to Australia which was paid in return.

Since World War I, America has taken advantage of the problems that occurred in Europe. Currently, it is struggling and trying to fix things, however, America has also used techniques such as atomic bombs which help them win on battlefields, which helps them win wars. Although, Russia’s success has not matched America’s winning strategies, yet, they are at the top of the food chain.

For example, Russia is only behind us in weaponry but can manage cities, towns, large factories, and many others in these areas. Another thing that makes them different is that they only need three nuclear weapons, whereas America has six of eight. Despite their difference in style, they still share similar resources and knowledge. They both fight for freedom and democracy. Now, let’s have a look at why Russia is a better choice than Ukraine.


Russia’s economy

In the early 1930s, Russia had rapid economic growth that lead to the expansion of agriculture and industry. To cope with this growth, they needed ways to increase production. Therefore, they decided to try and create industries and businesses. Over the years, the USSR created the steel industry as well as oil refineries, which resulted in massive growth.

As mentioned earlier, Russian leaders saw the opportunity to use industrialization to improve the production of their own nation’s economy. By 1910, the average factory output increased from 50 tons per day to 60 tons per day. At that point, the country’s manufacturing capacity exceeded 500 million tons and the country boasted world-class engineering and construction work.

Furthermore, Russian leaders saw the potential to increase the size of the Soviet Union so they organized an ambitious plan in 1913 that would increase that number to 750 million tons of exports. Lastly, by 1922, the USSR expanded to 692 million citizens with a population of 2.6 billion.

Even though Russia grew quite quickly, the US was growing fast too. In 1905, the GDP in the US grew from $921.2 million to $1241.2 through 1900. That same money was responsible for building 300 dams and 200 bridges. On top of that, there were laws passed to help local farmers and small investors grow their economy using public funds. Thus, the US was becoming a major player in the global market place and at that point, Russia was looking for an ally.

Although Russia came out last in this category when compared to the USA, especially due to their lack of industrial infrastructure, they have quite a unique resource, but still do have a population size of nearly 7 billion people. Moreover, their population is much smaller than America’s. In addition, they have the smallest amount of coal in the world and their largest percentage of copper in the world.

Overall, Russia is a great choice because it has huge amounts of mineral resources in a single economy, unlike the USA. Also, Russia still has quite a high birth rate and is fairly conservative in culture. However, because of low inflation rates, Russia has managed to maintain living standards above those in other countries throughout Asia. While it may sound unrealistic here, in the US, they do not have the same opportunities to expand their economies as Russia does.

Yet, Russia has been doing well lately; GDP has grown significantly, jobs have been getting added fast at a faster pace, and Russians are now seen as patriotic. Just like the USA, their political system is quite democratic and their national identity is strongly tied to what religion Russia prays in. Lastly, Russia’s reputation as a hardworking and stable country is unmatched by most parts of the world, making them perfect choices to be friends with, especially if you’re just beginning your journey in the game and you need someone who will truly be there for you.


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