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Crane safety toolbox talk

Safety talk about lifting and rigging

It is important to be aware of the safety protocols when you work in an area that presents physical hazards. It is best for all employees and everyone involved. This industry has high hazards because it involves manual lifting and rigging. Employees should be made aware of the dangers associated with their job titles and be taught the best safety practices. Safety is the most important priority.

Incidents That Could Happen While Rigging or Lifting

Although there are many possible problems with lifting and rigging there are some that are more likely to occur. A crane can be injured or killed if it breaks while lifting. These are just a few of the injuries that could occur:

  • A sprain is a serious injury
  • A load can crush you
  • Being electricallycuted
  • Someone falls
  • A falling load

Even when all precautions are taken, accidents can still happen. This is why it is so important for people to know all the potential hazards of working. This will enable them to be more aware and protect themselves. Everyone should always wear proper PPE.

Here are some ways to practice safe work habits

Safety is essential when working on construction sites or in warehouses. In many cases, people could be injured or die. Each employee should receive training in safety protocols. It is possible to prevent injuries in many situations.


It is important to have the right training for the environment where you work. Information and knowledge are key to avoiding injuries and accidents. If you’re operating machinery or assisting in an area that uses heavy machinery or cranes, it is important to have the right training.

Pay attention

Be aware of where you are working when operating heavy machinery and on construction sites. Safety is only possible when you are aware of your surroundings. You can easily make mistakes when you don’t know who or what is around you.

Written Plans

When there’s a project to be completed, it is important that the plan be well planned and reviewed. A clear plan is the most secure way to operate machinery. You should carefully plan your ideas and make sure they are documented. This ensures that there’s no confusion over what’s going to happen.

Stand firm

Everyone should know how to keep clear of the rigging. Everyone should keep the load from being carried, and everyone should know how to do this. You should ensure you have the right supplies to keep the load from posing a risk to your health.

Proper Storage

You must keep the area neat and tidy when you work on a construction site, or in a warehouse setting. You will be less likely to get hurt or have an accident. All rigging should be identified as to where it should be stored. This will help to ensure that the equipment is not damaged and can also prevent potential injuries to other employees.


It is important to inspect equipment before using it. Make sure there are no damaged or missing parts. It is important to inspect the machine every so often, even when it is in use. This will help to ensure the safety of your machine. Equipment that is inoperable poses greater danger to the operator and those who stand by.


You should plan your route to ensure you can clear all obstacles safely. You will be able to identify what you need to avoid and where the best places are. This will reduce the chance of problems happening and help you feel more confident.

Rigging and lifting can pose dangers

Hazards are present in crane lifting and mechanical lifting. Each employee must be educated about the hazards and how to avoid them. Regular meetings with employees and training sessions would be a great idea. Here are some hazards you should be aware:

  • Swinging lots
  • Holding taglines
  • Pinching points
  • Elevated surfaces
  • Mobile equipment
  • Slippery floors
  • Trip hazards
  • Rigging and lifting safety

Safety Tips for Lifting and Rigging

Rigging is a job that requires you to be completely focused. Safety is paramount for yourself and those around you. Let’s look at some safety guidelines to help you be as safe and secure as possible.

  • Always keep your load balanced
  • Always check your loads carefully
  • Be sure to check the qualifications of those you work with
  • Machines with technical problems should be removed immediately
  • It is important to ensure that you are not in close proximity to your task.
  • Always have a spotter available to assist you
  • Never suspend loads
  • Learn the weight limit of the rig
  • Know the length of the boom on the rig
  • Find out the radius of your rig
  • Be informed about how many legs you have
  • Take into consideration the maximum angle you can achieve
  • Make sure to use strong and durable slings
  • Properly store the rig, and all supplies

People misusing cranes or other mechanical lifting equipment are a common cause of injury or accidents. The crane or machine not being thoroughly inspected before use is another area of concern. A thorough inspection of heavy machinery before its use could prevent many problems.

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