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Erotic Massages in Reno: How to Find the Perfect One for You

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to receive an erotic massage? If you’re looking to pamper yourself and experience the ultimate pleasure, it’s definitely worth experiencing one of these amazing massages in Reno! But since you don’t want to waste your money or time on something that doesn’t deliver, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right place for you.

The Best Overall Service

Over all, Sapphire Spa is easily one of my favorites here in Reno. The vibe-city atmosphere and super friendly staff make me feel as if I’m coming back home after a long trip. The masseuses are also super skilled, which means an overall great massage experience every time I stop by. Stop by for your first visit, and you will fall in love with them too!

The Best Setting

If you’re looking to get an erotic massage, it helps to know what you want before booking your appointment. Many spas offer erotic massage as a package deal that includes other treatments such as facials, body wraps and more. If you’re just looking for a straight-up erotic massage, however, ask questions about what type of setup is best for you. For example, do you prefer a room with a bed or couch? A table? Soft lighting or subdued music? Be specific about what kind of —meaning energy level—you’re going for; some people like a more relaxed atmosphere where they can let go and surrender fully while others like something hotter with plenty of foreplay.

The Best Prices

Many massage therapists offer discounted prices or last-minute specials. If you find a particular therapist’s style or location appealing, reach out and ask if they offer any discounts. That way, you can schedule your appointment at a time that works best with your schedule instead of paying more than you have to. Booking your appointment early will also help ensure that you get exactly what you want from your massage experience. If possible, try calling ahead of time; many of these therapists are solo operators and might not be available on short notice.

The Best Reviews

A lot of people think that reviews are pretty much useless. Of course, they want their massage to be just as relaxing as a review says it will be but unfortunately, many massages simply aren’t worth even a two-star rating. So what makes an erotic massage so great? It all depends on your personal preferences and intentions, of course. Some people like sensual massages that leave them feeling comforted and relaxed; others prefer sexual massages that rev up their libidos. To find an erotic massage you’ll love, ask yourself what your intentions are (e.g., relaxation or arousal?) and look for providers who offer similar experiences.

The Most Convenient Location

When it comes time to choose an erotic massage parlor, convenience is key. Make sure that you have enough time on your appointment date and location is accessible via public transportation or parking. When you’re doing research, try and find out if there are any specials on massages available at the time of your appointment. The best thing about these types of spas is they offer a range of options—from couple’s massages with happy endings, sensual massages, oil massage, foot therapy and more! Nowadays, you can even get some spa services at hotels around town.

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