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Obtain FAB Personal Loan for Non-listed Companies with Dignity


First Abu Dhabi bank is a popular bank in UAE, which purely relies on Islamic rules regarding it’s monetary assistance duties. It comprises the many financial services that can be of any type, but the most demanding product is the personal loan. FAB gives personal loan to their customers at interest rates based on Islamic regulations. There can be several reasons behind the demand for a personal loan that an individual can face in life. Many situations in life leads to a personal loan, due to which taking a personal loan can be a mandatory thing.

FAB is standing with you in every situation of life and can give you a solution via this loan. Most the people also want to know about the FAB personal loan for non listed companies and the procedure attached with it. Listed companies or firms are those that are automatically included in the bank lists for this personal loan facility. This piece of work will elaborate the fundamental features of non-listed companies and how an individual can take advantage from it as a native of UAE.

FAB Personal Loan in Relation with the Non-listed Companies

Let’s begin with the concept of non-listed companies and their association with the personal loan of FAB. In simple words, if an individual runs a business or company on a high profile level with good income generation capacity on annual basis. So, company will be automatically incorporated with the banks in UAE and the bank will allow the loan after checking all important details.

This process happens if the company is in the list of the bank. Similarly, if the company is not responding well in the market and can not earn good revenue. it will be not included in the list of FAB bank. Such companies will take the loan via other formal means like other normal people. So take the FAB personal loan for Non-listed companies as mentioned requirements by the bank. For such purpose, an individual of that company will have to follow the instructions provided by the FAB bank.

personal loan in dubai for Non-listed companies

Qualities and Requirements Attached with FAB Personal Loan

  • Age

This factor considers major because if you are not mature enough by age, the bank may reject your application. Your age should be at least 21 years or more than that for a personal loan.

  • Reasonable Method

The process of getting a loan from FAB is not difficult as most people think. Simple steps will have to be followed by the candidate and easily all work will be done.

  • Salary limit

This is the second essential requirement by the bank of FAB. if a candidate is not earning a monthly salary of up to 10,000 AED so he may not be considered eligible for this loan.

  • Calculator

Before applying for a loan everyone should calculate the monthly EMI first. For the calculation, the FAB personal loan calculator is considered the best tool. Especially, when you are checking and applying through an online facility. Just add the total number of the loan amount, and after that put the total period and in the end the rate of interest. Press the button to calculate and you will get the answer.

  • Loan Quantity for Natives and Expats

A candidate living in UAE as a native will get a loan amount of up to 5,000,000. And the candidate as an outsider or immigrant of UAE will receive the money of loan up to 2,000,000 AED.

  • Names of banks for Non-listed companies

The major banks that are giving the facility of personal loan to non-listed companies are Mashreq, Emirates NBD, Abu Dhabi commercial bank.

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