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Most Dangerous Trends You Should Avoid

Each generation makes something that shows their awesomeness. Chickens and tractors, like Kevin Bacon’s character, were in Footloose were dangerous games. Recent incidents of teenage-related dangers show that the current trends are the same as they used to be, if maybe even more so. Many of us don’t believe that our children are dumb enough for these decisions however, it’s worth talking to your child about these issues.

The reason teenagers are attracted by the latest trends and opportunities

It’s not easy to stop teens who are involved in dangerous activities, in the opinion of Dr. Nina S. Mounts. “Despite the efforts of educators to provide teens with the information they need to avoid dangerous behavior, a lot of adolescents remain engaged in dangerous behavior,” Dr. Mounts said in Psychology Today.

Rainbow festivities

Do not fall for this innocent party concept. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man it is important to be wary if you find out about a”rainbow” celebration. According to some reports during the celebration of the rainbow, women wear different colors of lipstick to have oral sex with males. They leave the males with a rainbow of colors, as shown.

Cinnamon challenge

It may seem like a straightforward task to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon. However, several grave dangers come with the use of cinnamon. Since the dried cinnamon covers the mouth and throat the person may begin to cough, gag, and even spit out. Fine powders of cinnamon could also aspirate, which increases the risk of developing pneumonia, infections, or even an enlarged lung. Cinnamon can indeed cause lung problems.

The extremely risky

Vodka eyeballing

I’m aware that sipping a shot of vodka can be a bit difficult to drink. Particularly when you feel the heat of the alcohol that is dripping through your throat. But, I’m not sure what I’d feel if someone pour a shot of vodka in my eye. Vodka eyeballing lets people experience more of a buzz for a shorter period as alcohol is absorbed by the bloodstream via veins that surround the eyeball. This not only increases the chance of getting an eye infection but also that you could suffer serious injuries to your eye. Which can lead to blindness, all in the name of enjoying the pleasure of the buzz.

The Hot Pepper Challenge

It’s entertaining to watch someone race around the market to purchase the drink to cool their mouths while letting tears flow across their faces. But, the hot pepper test is not without risk. Young people test the limits of their abilities taking advantage of the most intense peppers they can find like ghost peppers. They can develop sores and holes in the stomach because of these peppers.

Salt and Ice Challenge

Teens and teenagers are embarking part in an exercise that may result in permanently damaged skin. They’re trying to apply the mix of ice and salt on their skin and examine themselves to see how long they’ll endure discomfort. The issue is that the sensation stems from an injured area that requires medical attention. This is as hazardous of an idea as being naked and cold in the snow all night.

Challenger or penny and charge

Maybe your child doesn’t know how to plug a fork into the wall socket however. Somehow they think that playing the challenge of charging a penny is fun. The game is played by kids who are provided with a phone charger that they connect to the outlet that is on the wall. They are allow for the charger to display the prongs visible. They put a penny in between the wall and the charger. This causes sparks and shorts. Two risks are: one) the possibility of dying from electrocution, and two)) the whole structure could be destroy by fire.

A Back-to-School Necklace

According to Urban Dictionary, an online dictionary that defines the internet, or the word “cultural slang,” a back to school necklace is “another word for the noose. This is due to the intense sadness that you feel upon the first day of school’s return. “

If, for example, you hear kids talking about the possibility of wearing a necklace in school back. It could be another word that means suicide and death. Though this could be due to Generation Z’s comical dark side, it’s something that must take seriously.

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